About Me

picture of me
That’s me.

My name is Jens and I love developing games.

I’m a mathematician and former level designer. I combined both my logical side and my creative side to help others make their games.

I’m producer and technical director and give my knowledge to students as a industry lecturer.

As a Game Development Coach I’m a specialist for game prototyping – the art of filtering and throwing away bad ideas. I believe that every game idea you have in your head is worth evaluating.

If you have 100 ideas you can wisely pick the best one. If you only have one idea, how do you know that it is the best?

I’ve choached game projects from companys, students (masters & bachelors) and hobbyists. During these I came to the conclusion that the start of your projects defines how your project continues and how it ends.

I believe that game prototyping is the best way to evaluate your gaming ideas.

To make sure your game comes to live and gets released you need good planing, good sturcture and very good leadership. Therefore occasionally I work as a producer to help teams that rather want to focus on the development and design.